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DWC: What I did this weekend, and what I should have done

June 1, 2008

In which I hastily recap my accomplishments this weekend, and then turn a jaundiced eye upon the looming deadlines of the coming week.

What I did this weekend:

  • Got a haircut
  • Said goodbye to a friend
  • Talked to my parents
  • Outlined my thesis presentation
  • Bought a rug
  • Bought a tie for my graduation

What I should have done this weekend:

All that, and—

  • Substantially worked on my thesis presentation
  • Prepared my thesis for printing
  • Gone to the museum for photos for my presentation
  • Finished my thesis
  • Picked up the paper to print it on
  • Printed it
  • Cleaned my room

So this coming week will look like this: Monday I have work for half the day, then I go in to the museum to work on internship project. Monday I could also finish my thesis, because I always feel refreshed and productive after the internship work. Tuesday I work for half the day, then I go to the city again to go to the other museum and get photos for my presentation. That shouldn’t take all day; on the way back I can get my paper to print my thesis on and start the presentation. Wednesday evening I can print the thesis and finish and test the presentation. I have to get the thesis to Pettingell’s by Friday, and Pettingell’s is open from 10-5pm. So I would have to take it there Thursday during lunch. Thursday night I can finish the presentation. Friday is shabbat. Saturday I have the practice presentation starting at noon. Sunday I have a planned hang-out time with H, but until then I can polish up whatever needed to be fixed about the presentation and also pursue cleaning and reorganizing my room.

Sometime in the following week I’ll need to get my thesis copies back from Pettingell’s, but that’s… not yet.

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