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DWC: A thought that surprised me

June 3, 2008

In which something I think about the primaries surprises me—indeed, the fact that I thought about the primaries surprises me.

I had the thought just now that I am glad, even grateful, that Senator Clinton is still running for the Democratic nomination—even though it looks bleak for her to say the least, and even though her strategy is probably creating division that will make it harder for the nominee, whoever that may be, to win in November. Vicious attacks at the candidates’ identities have come from both sides, and I could not stomach hearing a fellow supporter of Senator Obama say that Senator Clinton dropped out before the end because as a woman she just couldn’t take it. It turns my stomach to hear the nasty things said about the candidates’ identities. Each time someone calls Senator Clinton something sexist or makes a snide remark about Senator Obama’s background, it’s not just an attack on the candidates, it’s an attack on everyone who shares that identity with them—whether that’s Black, female, or Democrat.

I’ll be happy to see this race over; I lost interest in the nomination in February and whoever wins it will have to do something extraordinary for me to be prepared to do more than check a box in November—a fact that GOP supporters are no doubt counting on.

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