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DWC: Not so much of a shabbos, but a good day anyway

June 7, 2008

In which I recap the week in my life and in what I know of the world, and reflect on the limited success of DWC.

It’s been hot today. I spent my shabbos with PowerPoint and an ever-replenishing mug of tea, three hours last night (easily) and three hours this morning, finishing just at ten-thirty with barely time to scribble down notes and catch the bus to school to rehearse for my professor (who won’t be there Friday when I give it for real). It’s not a bad presentation, but it will be better by the end of the week.

This week has been busy, but all in all I’ve managed to stay afloat. Monday I went to work for half the day and internship in the afternoon. Tuesday I went to work for half the day and then the Museum for photos for this presentation (the light is low and no flash is allowed, plus I felt too embarrassed about taking photos to take the time to get the levels right on my crappy camera, so the photos are blurry, dark, and poorly framed), then to school to pick up my last revisions, my regalia, and my expensive paper. Then I came home, accomplished the revisions, and passed out. Wednesday I printed the thesis at work and took an hour off work (after taking work to the post office) and dropped the burden off at the binder, spending too much money for an extra copy because vanity. Thursday was work, then potluck, with the added stress of friends unexpectedly springing additional guests on me, but it all worked out. I had three more glasses of wine and a half-glass of lambic more than usual, and discovered that I like lambic and that milk thistle seeds really do help to prevent hangovers, but don’t sober one up enough to make one suddenly fit for wrestling with the angel of PowerPoint. And Friday was work, and would have been shabbos except PowerPoint. Saturday, presentation, and celebratory ice cream.

And here I am. In the larger world, shortly after I buried my hatchet with Senator Clinton she buried hers with Senator Obama, at least to outer appearances. It’s Tikkun Leyl Shavuot, one of the many Jewish holidays I don’t understand yet, and I’m celebrating tomorrow by going to the opening of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, rather than with an all-night Torah Study. The food crisis is getting worse, but it’s also getting more attention, which I pray will help in the long run. In two weeks, couples where both people are of the same legal gender will legally be able to wed in California—Thank the Holy, and may the foolish and fearful be powerless to stand in their way. There are fires in North Carolina, unrest in Zimbabwe, ongoing disaster relief efforts in Burma and in China, and Senator Obama has made the right political noises to AIPAC. You can guess what seems to be getting the most news… does he mean it? What does “undivided” mean? Is he a friend to the Jews or a friend to the Arabs? The real question, my friends, is this: Is Senator Obama a friend to peace? A better one, I believe, than John McCain.

The Daily Writing Challenge exercise has been, not perfect, but still fairly useful. I think it’s not bad to miss a few days with the week I’ve been having, and I’ve written more than the nothing I would have written without it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll settle into a schedule that allows me time to start producing some quality, now and then.

My plants are still languishing in pots.

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