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The Sky is the Limit… Unless it’s laundry

February 2, 2009

In which I worry about myself, and resolve to do better.One of my hangups about GTD is that I take it seriously for things I think of as weighty matters, like processing memberships or making business phone calls. I don’t take it seriously for many of the things I need to do on a daily basis—laundry or getting a haircut or making time for meditation. Or food. Now there’s nothing less important about, say, eating dinner or taking care of my emotional health than about entering data into my synagogue’s member database. But because someone else depends on my data entry in a way that no one else really cares if I eat dinner or not, those items take on less priority. If there’s something in my inbox I shuffle to the next day, it’s a commitment I made to no one but myself.

But I can only see “eat lunch” in my “someday/maybe” file so many times before I start to get worried about myself.

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