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Nasturtium Capers Updates

July 2, 2009

Conglomerating the running updates into one post to limit annoyance:

24 hrs: Tasted this evening—the seed had softened quite a bit, but still tasted much the same: pungent, peppery, fresh, only a bit salty. I’ve been seeing bubbles forming on the bottom of the glass jar, so fermentation is occurring. I’ve been releasing the trapped gasses on the understanding that it’s important for the floating capers-to-be to stay completely submerged, but I’m not stressing overmuch. Otherwise the jars are draped with linen and in my room, which stays pretty warm during the day.

36 hrs: I just added an arbitrary amount more and stronger brine—there was some salt crystallizing on the outside of the jar. Some of the nasturtium seeds have turned a darker, more olive green.

About a week: They’ve stopped changing flavor and texture, for the most part, so I think they’re done. I’ll bottle them tomorrow and start the next project soon!

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