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Convertible Furniture for Tiny Homes

July 15, 2009

I was attracted to this Treehugger post about the Ruda System furniture designed by artist Rodrigo Valdivielso, partly because in moving to a cottage that’s about half the size of my current bedroom, I’m even more interested in furniture that does double, triple, or quadruple duty. But this particular set doesn’t appeal to me—it seems like an exercise in “how many ways can you make a desk out of the same blocks?” rather than something more widely practical.

I really like the central concept behind the Ruda System—but I want to be able to do more with it. Like an erector set for every piece of furniture you could ever want.

PS: I also like the model of the Ben Franklin chair, which converts quickly and easily from a chair to a stepladder. You know, for those times your mother comes over and has a fit at the sight of you standing on a chair to access your high storage space… This time you can say “It’s okay, mom, it’s a step stool!”

Do you have any multi-purpose furniture favorites?

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