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About Kerrplunk

I am a synagogue office manager in Berkeley, California. I have a MA degree in Museum Education from John F. Kennedy University, I strive to live more simply, I Get Weird Things Done, and I think about many and sundry things. I am a part of many different narratives of identity—too many to list here. If for some reason you are interested in learning more about my personal life, find me on Facebook or Dreamwidth.

One of my goals for this blog is to follow my process as I strip some of the excess out of my life. I am seeking to live a more graceful life that, I hope, will do more good for the world than harm. First and foremost that will mean giving up the wasteful habits I cling to and the excess stuff I tend to accumulate. But it also means living a life with greater and more authentic joy in it. I hope to use this blog to follow my progress and evaluate, very subjectively, the direction I’m headed in.

Another goal is just to compile the tricks and techniques I stumble across for doing that simplifying, share those with others who might be interested, and hopefully participate a little more fully in the valuable conversation smarter heads than I are having on the Internet about these matters.

Still a third goal is to reward myself for writing, and make writing a valuable and fun endeavor. I’ve found that obligating myself to write at specified intervals actually prevents me from enjoying writing and is an effort that dooms itself. Instead I’ll write when I have something to say.

Thanks for joining me here. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to your comments.

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